Album(s): a duet of Junior Astronomers EPs

^— I just want to make a statement (2010)

I had plans for us. (2009)
(not free but still pretty cheap!) ————————————————————^

Joint/collective album review! Like I’m sure it’s possible to review these EPs as two separate entities but they go together in my head, so. If/when Jr Astronomers come out with a new album it will TOTALLY get its own meticulously individualized review.

The first thing that comes to mind when trying to describe this entire body of work in one word is “jangly.” The drums sound sort of as if they might have been recorded in a garage, there are all these different guitar lines going all over the place, and the general impression is one of loosely controlled chaos. My mom very nearly flipped out the one time I accidentally played I Just Want To Make A Statement around her; she said she could discern no inner logic in any of the sounds she was hearing and that the relentless assault of noise was verging on giving her The Anxiety. We do not play complicated music around my mom anymore. Nor music with any kind of drums in it.  -_-

Not gonna lie, this wasn’t SO different from my own first reaction - I didn’t love this music at first listen or even after the first five. (Legit the only reason I kept listening past the awkward acquaintance phase was Harvard and Hotel of the Laughing Tree would NOT stop linking to their page, like, WOULD NOT. When that happens you get extra super careful about dismissing shit out of hand.) There is just a lot of stuff going on in these songs, and not all of it is catchy guitar riffs. It takes a while to notice them but by the time the catchy parts catch up to you it’s too late, they’ve already embedded themselves deep in your head. The bridge…transitiony part…thing of We’re Both Such Fancy Talkers gets stuck in my head for entire DAYS, for example. Watch out for that one.

Although the two EPs stick close to the same sonic mood, as a whole, I Had Plans For Us is less relentlessly jangly; there are more parts that are just plain pretty. Maybe this makes it easier to listen to, or maybe it’s just because I’ve only had it since christmas and the tracks are relatively fresher, but this is currently my favorite between the two. (Who doesn’t like fresh tracks? Pshaw.)

The fast tracks are ALSO my favorite though, and that’s what I Just Want To Make A Statement is basically made up of. There are all these layers of sound going on, and all this energy, and it mostly just sounds like a really hectic house party in your headphones. This stuff is FUN, you could dance to it or at least jump around really enthusiastically. The fact that it doesn’t necessarily stop sounding like a house party when the lyrics take a turn toward darker subject matter is what makes these EPs stand up to so much repeat listening. There is ANGST. And FUN. And GUITAR LAYERS. COMPLEXITY. Noises that make your mom FREAK OUT. 

Yes anyway this is very long and only tangentially relevant to anything anymore. I shall write some lists!

Occasions when I have put Junior Astronomers on constant repeat: while cleaning the kitchen; while writing this post; while freaking out over the announcment that my favorite band EVER got into a contest to be on the cover of rolling stone (long story); for a good 40-50 minutes in the (late) morning while repeatedly hitting snooze; while walking home in the -243683 degree new england winter weather after a hectic/mindnumbingly boring shift at work.

Tracks to definitely check out first when you decide to go hang out on Jr Astronomers’ bandcamp streaming things:
 - (We’re both such) fancy talkers
 - Dying Rhythms
 - Flavorless Candy 
 - All the rest of them, seriously, once you’ve gotten through this many you might as well :)

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