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This is a bunch of music that Kilian and I have been working on for well over a year and it’s finally finished! some of our other musician friends play on it as well. It features influences from Joy Division, The Smiths, Mission of Burma, Modest Mouse and countless other bands that we felt the need to plagiarize. Feel free to reblog and I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we did making it!

A+ creepy album cover, eep


Targeting this mainly at all the Empires fans on my feed because they’re going out touring with Colour Revolt this fall and I had meant to do some sort of a primer post before that started anyway. But CR is offering a free download TODAY! In case you’re like me and consistently go to shows for the opener but also hate not knowing the rest of the bands because you have this mental block where all live music sounds the same when heard for the first time, fear no more! You could download this and have plenty of time to get to know the music before the tour starts.

Or if you’re not like me and don’t care, you could download it anyway. Free stuff, what do you have to lose? EVERYONE WINS.

Album: Aunt Martha - Norway, ME

With all the new music from bands I follow that came out last Tuesday, it was hard to pick just one to review this week. Only three releases, which doesn’t sound like that much in the scheme of things, but given the small number of bands I actively keep tabs on, this is like a bumper crop of new music to end all bumper crops. Most weeks NOTHING I’ve been waiting for gets released. Luckily for my state of indecision (and horribly unfortunate for my poor deprived ears) the Front Bottoms LP I preordered has yet to come in, so it’s down to this one and the Run For Cover comp. Both of which are extremely good, but I’m not even sure how you’d go about reviewing a compilation where each song is by a different band - my impulse is just to talk about each song separately, and that lends itself better to individual posts than one big review.

So Aunt Martha it is! Norway, ME was recorded and released with very little fanfare, almost as if the band slipped it in as an afterthought between their new member announcements and plans to tour. Before the announcement two weeks ago, I had no idea there was even a new album in the works, and then suddenly, BAM, full length! This could be equal parts due my own poor observational skills as it is any decision of the band, but in a time when every single little thing seems to be hyped half to death, the element of surprise was unexpected and delightful.

A week-long window between announcement and release is all you really need when your distribution method is free instant download, I think, but I also like how it gave very little time to come up with preconceptions or expectations for the sound. This is something I try to avoid anyway, but the longer you know something’s on it’s way, the easier it is for expectations to subconsciously creep in. The two teaser tracks that were available prior to the release - Blue Buildings and Starter - are very representative of the rest of the album, although I will say i fell very quickly in love with Starter and would not have complained if the other ten songs had sound exactly like it.

Named after the the location of the lakeside cabin it was recorded in, Norway, ME pins the sound of isolated retreat down to a T. I’m 90% sure this was not a full band effort, if the way the making of clip features vocalist and guitarist Tim Noyes to the exclusion of anyone else is anything to go by. The sound is stripped down and austere, the songs unfolding with nothing but guitar and occasional subtle touches of keyboard to support Noyes’ quiet crooning. It might only be because I’ve had less time with them, but these songs seem more impressionistic than anything off the Bloodshot EP, where the lyrics were full of narrative detail that painted very specific stories in your head. I’m a big fan of songs that sketch out the feelings and leave you space to apply your own story, so it’s nice to have a bit of both.

More than lakeside cabin music, though, I feel that this is early morning music, something best suited to that just-woken-up period where your ears are still sensitive from sleep, before your thoughts get distracted by the events of the day. Would recommend this to fans of folk/rock, acoustic anything, gentle crooning, low-key stuff. Would also recommend this to my mom, who is allergic to drums and thinks all of the music I listen to is loud and scary without exception, but I don’t think she’d try it. Look out for Starter (favorite track!) and Dark Deeds (other favorite track!) 

Official Site | facebook | stream + download


It took me a while to download this, because it came so soon after Volume 2 that I guess I was subconsciously doubtful that they could have come up with an entire comp’s worth of excellent tracks so fast? Wrong, all wrong. This collection is amazing, hitting all the notes between indie pop and sludge rock and party punk and back porch blues and lots in between, and hitting them all spot on. There are so many new favorites off this comp that it’ll probably take me days to post about them all, so get a head start and just download the whole thing right now. 

(Source: theblueindian.com)

So if you want to ALWAYS get put in playlists with Junior Astronomers because the association is just too strong NOT to, this is probably how you’re gonna want to set up your download page

a screencap of the download page for the free live tracks from hospital dancing: underneath the section with the download link is a section entitled "Albums that are better than what you're looking at" which lists only I Just Want To Make A Statement by Junior Astronomers and is captioned "completely original sound and artistic genius. suck it."

All these NC/SC/GA bb bands, I can’t handle how adorable and bff they all are. Let’s not even get started on how apparently musical genius flows in the tapwater there x___x

p.s. you should go download this stuff, it’s free

Big Science, known for their visual projections, post-punk sensibility, and bassist; Jason Richards’ dancing, took the stage and opened with a new song titled, “Subliminal.” Having spent the winter playing very few shows while working on new material and acclimating Bob Buckstaff to the band as their new guitarist, it was exciting to finally catch one of their shows this season.

Les Savy Fav played Subterranean w/ Big Science (pics), and Green Music Fest (pics)

Excited for this new album! Click the link to the interview for a free track.


Recommended for fans of 

  • Gang vox
  • Nifty dissonant chords
  • Meandering songs
  • Sleep Bellum Sonno
  • Pretentious punctuation usage

Track to look out for:  i’m a hurricane, covered in gasoline. There are those crunchy slightly-off-consonant chords all over the place in this EP, but they really shine here. 

everything is metaphysical, almost. Sad tune, lovely guitar parts. Oh my heart.

burnoutbright. on bandcamp | facebook