We’re going on tour … family style! Check AbsolutePunk.net for the full announcement on The Favorite Gentlemen Tour including dates and more information.
We’ll see you on the road here shortly, thanks a bunch, much love…
- the Death

Got out of work early just in time for this to blow up all over my twitter feed. SO EXCITED. I am on that Brooklyn date like a fruit fly on dubious bananas \o/


We’re going on tour … family style! 

Check AbsolutePunk.net for the full announcement on The Favorite Gentlemen Tour including dates and more information.

We’ll see you on the road here shortly, thanks a bunch, much love…

- the Death

Got out of work early just in time for this to blow up all over my twitter feed. SO EXCITED. I am on that Brooklyn date like a fruit fly on dubious bananas \o/



Local Charlotteans and good friends of mine~ Junior Astronomers play my new favorite song… “Touching War.” 2:13 is the best breakdown since I can’t even remember. So lovely. This is one of my summer ‘12 songs fa sho. Reminds me of being in the car and driving with my friends, smoking cigs, and such.

Aw damn. New Junior Astronomers. This is a thing that is real.

Terrence and Eli got each other into a bet over who could wear the same shirt the longest and there were several rules to it – kind of like a pants-a-thon (which Ellen’s sister might be the world champion of) but they could show but they had to wear the shirt in the shower. So 10 smelly days later they signed a truce and everyone was relieved but they had to remove each other’s shirts at the same time cause there were some trust issues and that was very tense.
Patrick Keenan (The Winter Sounds) on touring with Junior Astronomers
A whole list of albums that need to come out YESTERDAY or else I might seriously die from waiting

There are way too many albums that fall into this category - maybe one day I’ll learn to be patient and be content with what a band already has out, but until then I’ll probably keep putting all my eggs in the unreleased-album basket. Or I could at least confine it to albums that are actually in progress, not just tentatively announced or whatever. Half of these don’t even have names yet. IT’S A PROBLEM.

All Get Out - full length

Empires - Garage Hymns (?)

The Juliets - Perfect Season

O’Brother - Garden Window

Junior Astronomers - Favorite Gentlemen debut (this is what I mean about getting attached to things way too early…it’s bound to happen sooner or later, though)

Take One Car - It’s Going to Be a Nice Day

Harvard - second full length

…there’s probably more that could go on this list that my subconscious is just blocking out right now in order to save me from more psychological pain. And this excludes all the bb bands with only one or two songs out who I’m still waiting for an actual release from…seriously zero capacity to just reign it in, lol.

So if you want to ALWAYS get put in playlists with Junior Astronomers because the association is just too strong NOT to, this is probably how you’re gonna want to set up your download page

a screencap of the download page for the free live tracks from hospital dancing: underneath the section with the download link is a section entitled "Albums that are better than what you're looking at" which lists only I Just Want To Make A Statement by Junior Astronomers and is captioned "completely original sound and artistic genius. suck it."

All these NC/SC/GA bb bands, I can’t handle how adorable and bff they all are. Let’s not even get started on how apparently musical genius flows in the tapwater there x___x

p.s. you should go download this stuff, it’s free


;lskjadkjgh;lasdk you guys Junior Astronomers are on tumblr now! This band is the reason I’m into about half the music I listen to now, I really can’t recommend following them hard enough.


Mini documentary thing of Junior Astronomers’ recent east coast tour! 

Those shots at Arlene’s Grocery, I was thereeeee. And lurking creepily over Rob’s shoulder before we had been properly introduced because watching people shoot videos is interesting and that’s also just where we happened to be standing. 

I feel like I need the pointless story possum on this post, ANYWAY, just watch the video it is super good.

Show: Junior Astronomers and not really anyone else because we got there right as they were about to go on, at Arlene’s Grocery 4/1

Can we just skip talking about the jr astronomers part of the evening and go straight to the rock and roll karaoke part? Okay. Okay. I will say a few things: this band is about as excellent live as you might expect them to be after seeing their awesomeness documented in many splendid youtube videos. At one point during their set Dee was like “So basically all North Carolina bands are the most energetic ever.” Yes. Yes, this is true and accurate. I still don’t get how they can play all the way up on the neck of their guitars like that. Colin really does play a six string bass, it is rad. Great fun was had both on and off stage even though there weren’t really enough people there to mosh. Etc. YAY.

OKAY SO. Rock and Roll Karaoke. Posssssibly the greatest thing ever invented. 

What they have is basically a live band made up of funky old dudes (and one young dude wearing skin tight lace-up leather pants - you gotta make up that funkiness somehow), a giant book of lyrics, a list of songs, and a signup sheet. The MC dude was a virtuoso at wrangling karaoke people and making the stage the most interesting place to be watching at all times. Seriously, even when he was saying stuff like this jacket can’t be on stage, whose jacket is this it was mad entertaining. IDEK. 

I barely knew more than half the refrain on ANY of the songs but most of the other people there had the normal level of familiarity with 80s/90s classic rock type stuff so it was a blast. I made Dee do Sweet Child O’ Mine with me and she spent most of the time trying to help the guitarist with his solos and trying to swing the mic by its cord (not allowed, alas). The bartenders went up a couple times, as did members of Junior Astronomers, to great hilarity. (Pictured here is an extremely drunk Eli who was signed up without his knowledge and then dragged on stage and abandoned halfway through the song. I don’t think he realized.) It’s pretty safe to say that this was at least 3 or 4 times more fun than regular karaoke and I don’t understand why all cover bands can’t be rock & roll karaoke bands. This should exist in EVERY city.

Here’s the thing.


Junior Astronomers is great and all, but their shows all devolve into incredibly drunk people bouncing off of each other in a sort of mindless mosh pit that grows and grows and eventually is hitting you in the face whether you want it to or not.  Cigarette burns/beer stains are things I’ve come to expect from JA shows, and I can’t be the only one who doesn’t find that appealing.

So I think I’ll just stay home tonight.  Be lazy and play Mortal Kombat and Need For Speed, like a normal 19 year old who has nothing better to do.

Sooooo yes, I am planning to see Junior Astronomers in NY next week. A show that “devolves into incredibly drunk people bouncing off of each other in a sort of mindless mosh pit that grows and grows and eventually is hitting you in the face whether you want it to or not” …actually sounds super fun if you aren’t forced to do it every night? And if you’re wasted too. idk. AT LEAST NOW I KNOW WHAT I’M GETTING INTO. |D

Album(s): a duet of Junior Astronomers EPs

^— I just want to make a statement (2010)

I had plans for us. (2009)
(not free but still pretty cheap!) ————————————————————^

Joint/collective album review! Like I’m sure it’s possible to review these EPs as two separate entities but they go together in my head, so. If/when Jr Astronomers come out with a new album it will TOTALLY get its own meticulously individualized review.

The first thing that comes to mind when trying to describe this entire body of work in one word is “jangly.” The drums sound sort of as if they might have been recorded in a garage, there are all these different guitar lines going all over the place, and the general impression is one of loosely controlled chaos. My mom very nearly flipped out the one time I accidentally played I Just Want To Make A Statement around her; she said she could discern no inner logic in any of the sounds she was hearing and that the relentless assault of noise was verging on giving her The Anxiety. We do not play complicated music around my mom anymore. Nor music with any kind of drums in it.  -_-

Not gonna lie, this wasn’t SO different from my own first reaction - I didn’t love this music at first listen or even after the first five. (Legit the only reason I kept listening past the awkward acquaintance phase was Harvard and Hotel of the Laughing Tree would NOT stop linking to their page, like, WOULD NOT. When that happens you get extra super careful about dismissing shit out of hand.) There is just a lot of stuff going on in these songs, and not all of it is catchy guitar riffs. It takes a while to notice them but by the time the catchy parts catch up to you it’s too late, they’ve already embedded themselves deep in your head. The bridge…transitiony part…thing of We’re Both Such Fancy Talkers gets stuck in my head for entire DAYS, for example. Watch out for that one.

Although the two EPs stick close to the same sonic mood, as a whole, I Had Plans For Us is less relentlessly jangly; there are more parts that are just plain pretty. Maybe this makes it easier to listen to, or maybe it’s just because I’ve only had it since christmas and the tracks are relatively fresher, but this is currently my favorite between the two. (Who doesn’t like fresh tracks? Pshaw.)

The fast tracks are ALSO my favorite though, and that’s what I Just Want To Make A Statement is basically made up of. There are all these layers of sound going on, and all this energy, and it mostly just sounds like a really hectic house party in your headphones. This stuff is FUN, you could dance to it or at least jump around really enthusiastically. The fact that it doesn’t necessarily stop sounding like a house party when the lyrics take a turn toward darker subject matter is what makes these EPs stand up to so much repeat listening. There is ANGST. And FUN. And GUITAR LAYERS. COMPLEXITY. Noises that make your mom FREAK OUT. 

Yes anyway this is very long and only tangentially relevant to anything anymore. I shall write some lists!

Occasions when I have put Junior Astronomers on constant repeat: while cleaning the kitchen; while writing this post; while freaking out over the announcment that my favorite band EVER got into a contest to be on the cover of rolling stone (long story); for a good 40-50 minutes in the (late) morning while repeatedly hitting snooze; while walking home in the -243683 degree new england winter weather after a hectic/mindnumbingly boring shift at work.

Tracks to definitely check out first when you decide to go hang out on Jr Astronomers’ bandcamp streaming things:
 - (We’re both such) fancy talkers
 - Dying Rhythms
 - Flavorless Candy 
 - All the rest of them, seriously, once you’ve gotten through this many you might as well :)

Bandcamp (obviously lol) 
Official Facebook
Myspace? idk only the tour dates part is remotely useful anymore :/ 
Official Blog! (this is seriously the cutest blog ever even if they don’t update very often and I could probably do a whole post just about it >__>)